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Recently the Blade and Soul official website has released the Legendary Weapons, now you can buy Blade and Soul Gold to well play the game.

Table of Contents

X001 – Legendary Weapons

X002 – Legendary Bopae

X003 – Max crit Bopae setup

X004 – Naryu Defensive Set


Today, let us have a look on the X001 – Legendary Weapons

Do you want to know what happens to your Pirate weapon?

As we clear that the legendary weapons are really expensive and worse than True Pirate for anything except OW PvP. There is a rule that Pirate weapons can be upgraded into the level 50 Hongmoon path when players do not have the money or time to get a legendary weapon the Siren. And we know that it is cheaper to make a Siren Pirate weapon than it is to upgrade the equivalent Hongmoon path so I can recommend you definitely.

Well, if you have enough Blade and Soul Gold for these weapons.

The full upgrade path for Hongmoon can be found here.

True Profane will upgrade to Devil Weapon

Awakened Siren will upgrade to Awakened Devil Weapon

True Siren will upgrade to True Devil Weapon

Awakened Pirate will upgrade to True Pirate

True Pirate will upgrade to Gale Weapon