How To Deal with Your Maid Efficiently?

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Irrespective of her background, remember your maid is just like any other person who deserved to be respected. Although, you are the boss but you must always treat your maid in a way that you expect from your boss.


Treating your maid impartially can offer you great benefits. It is important for you to know that hiring a maid for your home can help you in saving a lot of time. Remember when you keep your maid happy, she always goes for the extra mile in order to help you and also look after your baby or parents.


Nowadays, hiring a professional maid is quite easy as a there are good maid agency that can help you to get the most talented and experienced domestic helper who will help you with all your home chores.


How you can manage your maid?


Here are some easy ways that can help you to manage your maid and at the same time keep her happy.


Set practical expectations and communicate


Before you decide to employ a maid, you need to think beforehand what are your expectations from her. When you interview the maid, mention all your expectations from her and see how the maid responds. Pen down all your expectations beforehand.


When your expectations are clear, it also benefits the maid because she knows what she is expected and easily makes herself fit into the job.


Realistic terms and conditions


It is necessary for you to allows the maid to sleep for at least 7-8 hours and give her enough food to eat so that she is fit and healthy. This will also ensure that she has enough energy to do all the chores of your home assigned to her.


Your house rules


It is obvious that you want to communicate all your house rules to the maid. For instance, you don’t want the maid to enter your bedroom without taking your permission. You might also like to limit the number of calls she can make with your home landline number.


At night, you might also want your maid to switch off her phone or put it on silent mode.


Proper training 


Although the maid agency already gives some kind of training to the maid but you still need to help her for the first few weeks after her arrival. This is because the tools used by the agency might differ from those present at your home.


So, it is better to give her training to ensure she is used to the working environment present in your home quickly. Additionally, if you require a specific type of maid like a confinement nanny when you had just given birth.


Consistent feedback 


Always try to give your feedback to the maid so that she knows whether she has done a good job or not. In case, there is anything for improvement then give your feedback to her and do not start scolding or be rude to her.


Therefore, always have a healthy relationship with your maid so that she enjoys working for you.


The Incredible Domain of Singapore

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Singapore is an easy and one of the most interesting places to live. It has wonderful tropical weather, as long as you can bear the heat. There is cheap and easily available public transport. The country is placed at 8th rank globally, to be the safest site to live. The global peace index of 2018 is corroborative assurance. Moreover, there is a large number of foreigners. If viewed statistically, it’s 1.3 million out of 5.6 million – that truly makes it a perfect international destination.

Singapore is incredibly livable

Singapore is known as a melting pot of Tamil Indian, Chinese, British, and Malay people. If that’s all or any of these you can speak you can easily make lots of friends there. No matter where you come, you can participate in Singaporean culture in many aspects. However, if you want to see yourself as a true Singaporean, then you should do gain a victory to pick up as much ‘Singlish’ slang as possible.

Even if you are new here, just by traveling little and interacting with a few, you will start to feel like living and making a home there. If you survive forward to be in this incredible country, then you may check the latest Amber Sea residences.

The unparalleled food cultures

Singaporeans live through their food. The city’s Indian, Malay, Chinese population bring their unusual culinary trend to the food scene. It happens both at high-end white tablecloth restaurants and at hawker centers, that offer tasty foods at bargain prices.

It has been named as a top country for outsiders due to its high quality of life and excellent economic conditions. According to HSBC Expat’s annual survey, there is a 29% increment experienced by the Expat’s, and the average salary is $160,833. Two out of three proportions of people say that they get more disposable income than their home country. It’s just because, the ex-pats get one of the highest quality jobs in Singapore.

The streets are exceptionally tidy without feeling sterile. The city was called a ‘garden tree’. Singapore’s first Prime Minister, Lee Kuan Yew has introduced the concept in1967. He intended to envelop the city into lush foliage to make it cleaner and so, pleasant. His initiative was successful. Above 1.4 million trees have been planted by the city in the last 40 years. The upcoming buildings are routinely wrapped in greenery.

Aside from Amber Sea, The Avenir is one among them as well. It is being developed under the check of the Far East Organization. It holds overall 132 units and having a freehold tenure. It is structured strategically near several MRT stations including Mountbatten MRT station and Dakota MRT station.

The whole building of Amber Sea is covered with trees, plants, and green cover. It is enclosed by various schools, shopping malls, food courts, fitness centers, gardens, and stations. With that, the developer has ensured that the dwellers will never have to encounter difficulty in terms of comfort and daily life frills.


Disinfection of communal facilities

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A person spends most of his time at communal facilities. That is why cleanliness and the absence of all kinds of insects (bugs, cockroaches) and rodents (rats, mice) are important here, as well as measures to prevent their appearance. The objects of communal property include:

  • Multi-storey residential apartment buildings, hotels, hostels and other buildings of the housing stock;
  • Service sector buildings: beauty salons and massage parlours;
  • Objects of the social and cultural fund: educational institutions, gyms, swimming pools, cinemas and administrative buildings;
  • Buildings in which funeral services are rendered.

Singapore Pest Control companies offer their customers a full range of services for disinfection, disinsection and deratization.


A large number of insects such as bedbugs, cockroaches and fleas carry various types of infectious diseases. The destruction of cockroaches and other insects makes it possible to provide favourable conditions for the normal life of people. This range of measures consists in carrying out extermination, sanitary-hygienic and sanitary-technical measures, the result of which is the elimination of insects and a guarantee of their absence for the next six months.


Rodents cause significant economic harm, and are also carriers of more than 20 types of infectious diseases, therefore, the rapid destruction of rats and mice at public utility facilities is a very important measure. Communal facilities that provide rodents with “shelter” in the form of basements, and food in the form of waste stored in enterprises, provide favourable conditions for pests to reproduce, which makes it difficult to control them.

Pest control management professionals guarantee high-quality deratization at municipal property. The company provides services both for one-time processing and for the systematic implementation of deratization measures at objects of communal ownership.


A large number of infectious diseases are spread by airborne droplets. In order to avoid spreading them in communal facilities, it is important to carry out routine disinfection. The correct conduct of disinfection methods makes it possible to fully eliminate pests and prevent the occurrence of pandemics. Reputed pest control companies make it possible to get rid of rodents and insects as safely as possible at municipal property.


  1. Deratization – professional extermination of dangerous rodents, rats, mice, moles, etc. in any area, private and industrial facilities;
  2. Disinfection – destruction of fungi, viruses, microorganisms, air purification, ventilation systems, disinfection of premises after sick and dead;
  3. Disinsection – the elimination of insects: cockroaches, ticks, ants, fleas, bedbugs, etc.
  4. Demercurization – multilevel elimination of mercury contamination, disinfection of air, furniture and household items;
  5. Deodorization – getting rid of persistent unpleasant odours in rooms, offices, apartments and cars. If odour persist due to air conditioner, aircon servicing is performed;

Pest control management provides deratization, disinsection and disinfection services to both individuals and legal entities. The professionals carry out any amount of work: from rooms and apartments to huge areas of factories, agricultural land or shopping centres. Thanks to powerful equipment and modern preparations, high productivity and speed of processing large areas are achieved.