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Punggol is for sure one of the most glistening neighborhoods you can find in Singapore, believe it or not. With charming panoramas, avant-garde looking flats, and also a recently opened mall, it’s shined from its rural history, rustic farmhouses, and plantations. It’s a place that will pique your curiosity to reveal all the hidden treasures that it possesses because Punggol definitely has a lot to offer. You’ll enjoy the young vibe in Punggol and I don’t even need to add the Punggol Waterway Park that’s really heaven for all nature enthusiasts. And what about Punggol cuisine and where to find best Punggol Cafe?

Well, the Punggol cuisine is unquestionably versatile and authentic since it’s a real mix of different Asian cuisines starting from Chinese to Indonesian. That’s just one of the reasons why many new recipes are made with quite unique but most importantly delicious accents. There is also a chain of food courts and coffee shops, so options are really endless. And when it comes to coffee, if you are a true coffee lover you are unquestionably searching for the place where you can get a high-quality cup of your joy. Rise and Grind Oasis terraces outlet is definitely a place where you can find both. Not only a great and delicious food, but also a high-quality cup of coffee.

What makes a good Cafe?


Coffee connects us in so many ways – to each other, to our senses, and to the earth that supports the coffee trees.

-Rohan Marley
If you’re like me, a good coffee lover that also likes to drink my cup of joy in a warm, pleasant and inviting ambient, salmoneggthen above mentioned Rise and Grind will definitely be my best Punggol Cafe  I discovered so far. Unfortunately while traveling or even searching for a new spot to drink your coffee, we end up with a regret because many places are just below average and really lacking in many termns.

There is a combination of different factors that for me makes a Cafe a good Cafe. From environment that includes comfortable setting and furniture, great food, and of course great coffee.

If you serve me a portion of a great tasting food or high-quality and flavorus coffee, we are on our way to seal loyality. Cafe needs to be a comfortable, sociable gathering place away from work and home, so we have a full right to be picky.


Best Punggol Cafe and why?


Well, I’ve mentioned some of the factors that in my opinion makes a good Cafe and when it comes to Punggol, unquestionably my top pick would be Rise and Grind. It’s a place where I feel relaxed and can drink my coffee just the way I like. Ambient is astonishing and the staff is unfailingly welcoming and friendly.

So, what further can I ask?

I need to add that we all have distinct taste and requirements, but fortuitously, now options are really endless, so choose wisely your ideal spot and don’t hesitate to experiment and go into ventures while searching for new ones. After all, while experimenting you may come across your new perfect spot. And, of course, grab your table at Rise and Grind if you have the opportu