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Are you thinking about the best corporate gift ideas for employees? Well, you don’t just give out corporate gifts to promote your business or to create bond with your business partners. One of the purposes of corporate gifting is to recognize and thank your employees. Yes, they are part of your success, and it is but right to thank them even in the littlest way you can.

With this, handing out small or grand items will do. Basically, you may giveaway anything as long as the item is valuable and personalized. Here are some fabulous options:

Stationery Items

Products like pens, notepads, planners and even a paper weight or a puncher can mean so much to your employee especially if they are working in an office environment where they handle tons of paper works each day.

Such simple, but thoughtful gift with their name on it is a great way to make them feel valuable and appreciated. This only means that your gifts do not always have to be expensive.

Customized Frame

This may appear too simple, but this can be made more special by having the frame engraved with the employees’ name or perhaps a special message or date connected to their service to your company.

Such product can be used to contain certificate of recognition, photographs or pretty images. A photo frame is certainly a highly functional and extraordinary item you can reward your employee. For more creativity, you may choose fridge magnets with photo frames in it instead of the ordinary looking frames.

Jewelry Items/Accessories

An employee who has contributed a lot and has remained loyal to your company really deserves a special treat. In some instances, investing on generous gifts like a stylish watch, bracelet, gold plated tie clips or a medal or pendant can definitely make someone feel valued.

You can make such gift items more special by engraving the employee’s name or initials on it along with your company name or logo. This is a kind of gift that would last and remembered for a lifetime.


A simple and handy calculator can make an employee smile especially when given sincerely. In fact, even a keychain flashlight can excite them. However, if there is something grand or you are feeling generous, why not hand an iPad instead? Your employee will surely jump for joy if you do.

Gift Baskets

Everyone will feel delighted receiving a corporate gift basket filled with tons of exciting goodies. You may choose from gift baskets filled with all sweets like chocolates and candies or a basket with lavish surprises – caviar cans, packets of superior quality smoked salmon, truffles etc.

Trendy Gifts

Any employee will surely feel thankful getting a USB flashdrive as a gift. USB drives are functional and almost a necessity in this modern world – people these days uses it to store any files – documents, presentations, photos and videos among others.

So, look for the top thumb drive supplier in Singapore where you can order such items. There is a wide array to choose from and you will be surprised of the selection.