8 Reasons to Buy a Condo in Tengah Garden EC

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The popularity of buying a home in a new building is now, more than ever, high. Let’s look at all the advantages of buying an apartment in a new residential complex like Tengah Garden EC.

  1. Modern rational planning

Buying housing in a new building, the future owner can easily realize all his design ideas and fantasies, the apartment is created literally for its owner. In front of it is a blank canvas, so you can carefully consider the options for redevelopment, conveniently arrange furniture.

  1. New engineering communications

Comfort and safety of living in an apartment depends on the quality of engineering systems.
Heating, cold and hot water supply, power supply, sewerage, ventilation system in new homes meet all modern requirements, and are designed for heavy loads, so you are not afraid of weak water pressure or closure. This increases the performance of the residential complex.
Living will be even more comfortable and safe thanks to the installed powerful pumps, filters for water purification.

  1. High-quality building materials

Time does not stand still, and the technology of production of building materials is only improving. In the process of construction of the house, high-quality building materials are used in order to increase resistance to external mechanical influences, noise and thermal insulation.

  1. High level of security

In modern residential complexes, security systems meet high requirements. Installed video surveillance and alarm systems will not allow outsiders to enter the territory of the new building. Each complex also has a fire safety system, which is triggered clearly at the time of signs of fire.

  1. Quick execution of transactions

Buying an apartment is carried out without intermediaries, so the transaction will be legally clean, thanks to which you will save money, time and nerves.

  1. Cost

The advantage of the primary market is that until the house is put into operation, the prices for apartments in it are much lower than the market value. Even despite the expectations, the end result is worth it. Also, Tengah Garden developers offer various options for buying an apartment in instalments.

  1. Good atmosphere and developed infrastructure

The adjacent territory of the residential complex, as a rule, is ennobled: clean entrances, flower beds and playgrounds for children, parking, reliably closed from outsiders, video surveillance and polite security are not all the benefits of civilization we have acquired, which, of course, secondary housing can boast quite rarely.
Own infrastructure of residential complexes usually includes shops, pharmacies, bank branches and other social service facilities. Schools, kindergartens, shopping centres, supermarkets are within walking distance.

Tengah Garden EC floorplan will have 14 storeys in every block. The complex has been designed with 628 residential units for future residents.

  1. Positive energy in apartments

Secondary market apartments have their own history from previous tenants, and are not always positive. In new apartments, you can write your story from scratch, because the new room has a positive aura and energy. All this will move you to new achievements and success.

Taking into account all the above criteria, when choosing an apartment, a clear advantage on the side of the new estate. Especially wins in this regard, the nearest suburb is Tengah Town in Tengah Garden Walk. This compact town is surrounded by dense forests and a large number of reservoirs. The city is actively developing and building, there are new residential complexes with its infrastructure.

Tengah residential complex is an exclusive class house, which stands out against the background of other new buildings. The quality of construction, convenient layout, panoramic view windows, modern design and its style make this house prestigious and comfortable for living. A pleasant surprise for future residents will be its own mini-park.

An overview of condo living 

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A large estate, allocated into single units for the objective of sale, is a condominium. So how is it unique from a regular estate? Much of the disparity spring up due to the sort of possession. For instance, in the case of an apartment, a sole family purchases not only the unit but they furthermore have the liberty of possession of the land on which the building is built. In the case of a condo, the possession is narrowly distinct. A condominium is inward a residential facility or community but the unit is personally regulated by the person or owner of the property. This owner has no vote in the functioning of the bigger building or even the plot of property upon which his/her estate is created. A homeowners’ association may, still, come jointly to help out with the estate administration. Moreover, they may be cited as condominium management, comprising an organization of landlords that come jointly to supervise lawn maintenance, etc. For services such as these, condo holders will have to reimburse a specific amount.


Ø  Maintenance of condominiums

Most people want condominiums, because of their short maintenance expenses. The inhabitants need to spend a certain sum yearly or monthly for the across-the-board maintenance of their condos. Therefore, the inhabitants need not overhaul any maintenance problem by themselves. They are only required to notify the authorities to rectify the problems. Some condos like Thiam Siew Residences also retain regular examination facilities where repairs are instantly done if any issue is observed.


Ø  Condominium insurance

Condominium landlords require to pay a lesser premium as correlated to proprietors of private houses, while they get their condos underwritten. This is because they are just required to get their belongings within their home insured. The rest of the condo’s insurance is taken care of by the actual owner of the estate. Accordingly, getting homeowners’ insurance for a condominium is inexpensive.


Ø  Benefits of condominiums

The following are the advantages of condominiums:-

  1. Flexible lifestyle: Condominiums are excellent for people who like to live a flexible life without constraints. Know, you are the landlord of the unit and there are no constraints on your lifestyle in a condominium.
  2. More affordable: Condominiums are furthermore useful for people who need to lessen the expense of acquiring a house. Condominiums are more inexpensive than separate houses and make a big investment for first-time home holders.
  3. Good connectivity with business centres and various aspects of entertainment: One of the most unusual characteristics of condominiums is that they are located near business centers and popular centres of a locality. Thus, the holders benefit from tremendous connectivity and have access to the many forms of leisure prevalent in the locality.
  4. A wide span of amenities: Most condominiums possess a wide range of luxuries that comprise a swimming pool, rooftops, and health centers. When it comes to amenities, the Thiam Siew freehold condo can never be beaten up! Thus, the inhabitants need not walk out of their complex in search of these conveniences.
  5. Considerable security: Condominiums have great security and deter the likelihood of robbery or intruders barging into the estate. Most condos have numerous safety technologies to conserve the security of the inhabitants.

What if you can’t get enough nutrients from plants?

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Nowadays, it has become the most common issue about vegan nourishment whether they deliver your body with all the vitamins and minerals it wants. Many claims that a whole-food, plant-based diet effortlessly fulfills all the standard nutrient requirements.

Some even encourage vegans to avoid all supplements. Unfortunately, despite being well planned, this kind of guidance can do additional harm than good as it’s just the belief in veganism that keeps the interest of vegans apart from dietary supplements. Well, so many online stores do offer Vegan health supplements as well.

Here are a few nutrients you may require to supplement while on a vegan diet.

  1. Vitamin B12

Foods often praised as rich in Vitamin B12 include unwashed organic produce, mushrooms raised in B12-rich grounds, chlorella, spirulina, and nutritional yeast.

Some believe vegans who consume enough of the proper plant nutrition don’t require to bother about vitamin B12 deficiency. Nevertheless, there is no scientific rationale for this notion.

Various studies show that while anyone can have low vitamin B12 grades, vegetarians and vegans have an elevated hazard of shortcoming. This appears particularly valid for vegans who are not taking any supplements.

It’s incredibly crucial that all vegans get sufficient vitamin B12. The only reliable manner to accomplish this is by consuming fortified diets or taking vitamin B12 supplements. Do you want to boost your vitamin B12 intake? Then, you can buy vegan-friendly supplements locally available online. Consider Naturelova for your best experience with a vegan health supplement.

  1. Creatine

It is a molecule found in animal foods. Most of it is sheltered in your muscles, but substantial amounts are also concentrated in your brain. It processes as an effortlessly available energy stock for muscle cells, giving them enormous strength and endurance. For this reason, it’s one of the world’s most prominent supplements for muscle building. Studies indicate that creatine supplements can improve both muscle mass and stability.

  1. Vitamin D3

It is a crucial nutrient with many essential processes. Also called the sunshine vitamin, it doesn’t have to arrive from your diet. Your skin can generate vitamin D when it’s uncovered in sunlight. However, if your sunlight exposure is insufficient or you live distant from the equator, you must get it from diet or supplements. Since the primary dietary sources of vitamin D3 are not plant-based, vegetarians and vegans may be at an elevated risk of shortcoming, particularly during the winter in regions north or south of the equator.

  1. Taurine

It is a sulfur compound set up in several body tissues, comprising the brain, kidneys, and heart. While its bodily process is not straightforward, it plays a part in muscle function, antioxidant defenses, and bile salt formation.

Taurine can only be found in animal sources such as fish, flesh, seafood, poultry, and dairy products. After that, researchers have indicated that vegans have lower taurine levels than flesh-eaters.

Taurine isn’t deemed crucial in the diet since your body generates small quantities. Still, dietary taurine may play a role in retaining your body’s taurine levels. Unnatural taurine supplements are broadly available and acceptable for vegetarians and vegans.

Click https://www.naturelova.com/ to have a comprehensive collection of Raw Collagen Proteins that too on a reasonable price range and shed the tension of getting prone to being deficient by not having non-vegetarian foods.

What all to check before buying a secondhand mobile 

Home / Mobile / What all to check before buying a secondhand mobile 

‘Scout the internet and hunt the local stores like Mobile for Sale, to spot the exciting sales that are on offer on the model of your preference- both for first-hand and secondhand phones.’

Well, is there any way to ensure that you are up for a great deal that is sheer value for money? Here are some effective tips that can result in a positive buying experience even when you are buying a second-hand phone. Also, it will be less likely that your purchase of a used phone has gone wrong.

What all to check before purchasing a secondhand mobile:

  1. Stay away from stolen phones.

Even if you are getting benefited from a deal, that’s simply a steal, going for a stolen phone is a big no!

What’s the benefit of investing in a phone that has a risk of getting caught further on? Why take trouble with authorities at later stages after owning a stolen phone or being misused for the commencement of unlawful activities?

To safeguard yourself from these hassles, always ask your source to provide you with a soft or hard copy of the bill of the real owner. All details like date of purchase, name of the store, warranty everything should be mentioned on the document.

  1. Undertake an exhaustive inspection of your second-hand phone

Once you have established a trust that the phone is not stolen, now it’s your turn to thoroughly check your system. You need to unlock your spying skills and then look deeper into the phone’s physical well-being. It’s not important that every phone which is second hand will be in demand of repair or is faulty.

Every possible quarter to detect a fault should be made. Undertake a deep evaluation of your phone that it has not been damaged by water damage, has screen dents, or is suffering from internal damages.

A physical demonstration is needed for every phone. If you are buying it from a reputable store like Mobile for Sale of Singapore, then you are least likely to suffer from any sort of issue with your second-hand purchase. Buy a secondhand Samsung phone Singapore and get an assured value for your money.

  1. Examine the usability of the accessories and the ports

Buying a phone along with its accessories? Then you must also scrutinize the latter. Watch it out for all the possible abnormalities. If you buy a secondhand phone online, then these are all descriptions you can see in the information section itself. Or if not, you can also contact their customer care to ask each and everything about your purchase-to-be.

  1. Settle for the best price

Have you ever checked those websites with a mobile sale? They are considered one of the best options by all the smart buyers of mobiles. Over time, the price of a particular model can be reduced with the upcoming of new models in the store. However, if you are buying it from a mobile sale, there you will get the least possible prices for your phone.

In case you want to sell iPhone Singapore, then also you can reach Mobile for sale.


The worthwhile crystal 

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crystal for sale

Also known as wealth basins or wealth bowls, Agate Geodes are considered to be the powerful magnet for wealth luck. Agate is a type of stone highly desired by several Feng Shui followers. This stone has the potential to clear your consciousness of all distractions and frustrations. With Agate, you can attain the potential to think promptly on your feet and unravel your difficulties swiftly. With the presence of a clear mind, you can get rid of any resentments and tensions, which will make room for love and happiness. It is also useful to one’s self-image and self-esteem. This is a great mystic stone that will increase the confidence one has in him, creating a surrounding in which you can achieve your aspirations.

To buy this agate treasure basin and allow your surroundings to glow up, visit https://crystalforsale.sg/

Do you have a fear or a phobia of something? Then it may be the best solution for you! This mystical stone can eliminate any fear you may have. It moreover can replace your fear with the power to be courageous in the face of any situation. In addition to these extraordinary benefits, Agate can create positive chi and rids the nearby area of all the negative energy. By revitalizing the beliefs, prosperity will be able to create a better flow. And this is ideal for those involved in competitive and business careers.

Where to place?

You can keep the Agate Wealth Basin in the southwest directions to enhance your love luck, in the center of the house for good luck for everyone in the house, or in the Northeast for education luck.

Whatever your inclination, crystal shopping is the most efficient and obvious way to fulfill it. There is a vast range of metaphysical supply stores as well as authenticated crystal stores in Singapore. You can find them both offline and online to get started up.

crystal for sale in Singapore, all the crystals are authenticated and ethically sourced, cared for, and presented. If you are a spiritual and psychic healer, you must also have realized to protect yourself energetically. The more you tune into their positive energies and the more aware you will become about the connection of Mother Nature and the Benevolent Universe. We have a long great list of beautiful crystals that too at reasonable pricing.

We also have excellent customer service and will get an instant prompt from our customer care service in case of any doubt.

These stones are famous among all the spiritual deliveries, as Apart from their beauty, they are strongly related with good vibes and positivity. They are used widely for feng shui purposes, for making accessories for meditation or mindful living. It has been believed that the crystal has touted properties to enhance a characteristic or a chakra. For example, clear quartz can harmonize all your chakras or amplify the energy of minds, jade attacks friendship and luck, obsidian clears bad energy, and so on. Even if you are skeptical, or have never felt a crystal impulse, then it doesn’t even hurt to have a few crystals around you.




A call for a new position in the company- the DPO! 

Home / Technology Services / A call for a new position in the company- the DPO! 
Officer PDPA compliance training

Have you always been skeptical about attending seminars, workshops, training as most of them you find are truly superficial, where you only got to scratch the surface? So, now get ready for completely different nature of training. Try it with Assure Safety and get an impressive nature and level of training. Here, you will get concrete examples, exercises, and an excellent analysis of the course. You’re learning at Assure Safety is going to be very energetic, inspirational and will involve lots of substantial and in-depth knowledge. Moreover, you will be certainly switching your mind into a positive thinking mode for the DPO role as the course makes progress.

With the Personal Data Protection Act in Singapore, all organizations that manage to collect and store personal data have to comply with the statute or face financial consequences. What does it call for along with the enhanced safety of data? It calls for a new position in an organization that manages and takes care of personal data- that of the Data Protection Officer.

The Officer PDPA compliance training is especially aimed at equipping DPOs with new practices and approaches to implement the Personal Data Protection Act. In this training, the trainees will be given a task to obtain a project base as a part of the program’s assessment. This task will be based on their organizational context. This will be very valuable for all the participating DPO’s to assess the current level and compliance of their company with the PDPA. So, after this, they will be able to address the relevant risks and gaps by taking necessary actions.

By the time of completion of the course, the DPOs will be able to initiate their compliance efforts for their particular companies. He would have adequate hands-on knowledge and experience to proceed and finalize the project they have taken on. Moreover, the local workers of the company will gain a useful and niche skill set to enhance their mobility and value add notion to their companies.

Assure Safety often offers Biz Safe Training and the certification program in which the applicants embark on a tour, initiating with the uppermost management, ascertaining their obligation to the purpose, the implementation of a WSH management system, follow up by the acquisition of RM capabilities. Victorious applicants of the bizsafe programme gain acclaim and they enjoy a range of benefits of having a WSH system in place.

Bizsafe e-services enable you to review your application level anytime and you can also renew the status of your bizsafe or email bizsafe@wshc.sg for the following purposes-

  • To check the number of your certificate
  • To edit the name of your company
  • To update your senior management’s particular
  • To revise the bizsafe contact of a particular person
  • To impose a request for the bizsafe logo. This facility is only for bizsafe level 3 and above.
  • To put a request for a bizsafe certificate. This request can be brought only by bizsafe enterprises.

How To Deal with Your Maid Efficiently?

Home / Home & Business Services / How To Deal with Your Maid Efficiently?

Irrespective of her background, remember your maid is just like any other person who deserved to be respected. Although, you are the boss but you must always treat your maid in a way that you expect from your boss.


Treating your maid impartially can offer you great benefits. It is important for you to know that hiring a maid for your home can help you in saving a lot of time. Remember when you keep your maid happy, she always goes for the extra mile in order to help you and also look after your baby or parents.


Nowadays, hiring a professional maid is quite easy as a there are good maid agency that can help you to get the most talented and experienced domestic helper who will help you with all your home chores.


How you can manage your maid?


Here are some easy ways that can help you to manage your maid and at the same time keep her happy.


Set practical expectations and communicate


Before you decide to employ a maid, you need to think beforehand what are your expectations from her. When you interview the maid, mention all your expectations from her and see how the maid responds. Pen down all your expectations beforehand.


When your expectations are clear, it also benefits the maid because she knows what she is expected and easily makes herself fit into the job.


Realistic terms and conditions


It is necessary for you to allows the maid to sleep for at least 7-8 hours and give her enough food to eat so that she is fit and healthy. This will also ensure that she has enough energy to do all the chores of your home assigned to her.


Your house rules


It is obvious that you want to communicate all your house rules to the maid. For instance, you don’t want the maid to enter your bedroom without taking your permission. You might also like to limit the number of calls she can make with your home landline number.


At night, you might also want your maid to switch off her phone or put it on silent mode.


Proper training 


Although the maid agency already gives some kind of training to the maid but you still need to help her for the first few weeks after her arrival. This is because the tools used by the agency might differ from those present at your home.


So, it is better to give her training to ensure she is used to the working environment present in your home quickly. Additionally, if you require a specific type of maid like a confinement nanny when you had just given birth.


Consistent feedback 


Always try to give your feedback to the maid so that she knows whether she has done a good job or not. In case, there is anything for improvement then give your feedback to her and do not start scolding or be rude to her.


Therefore, always have a healthy relationship with your maid so that she enjoys working for you.


The Incredible Domain of Singapore

Home / Real Estate & Property / The Incredible Domain of Singapore

Singapore is an easy and one of the most interesting places to live. It has wonderful tropical weather, as long as you can bear the heat. There is cheap and easily available public transport. The country is placed at 8th rank globally, to be the safest site to live. The global peace index of 2018 is corroborative assurance. Moreover, there is a large number of foreigners. If viewed statistically, it’s 1.3 million out of 5.6 million – that truly makes it a perfect international destination.

Singapore is incredibly livable

Singapore is known as a melting pot of Tamil Indian, Chinese, British, and Malay people. If that’s all or any of these you can speak you can easily make lots of friends there. No matter where you come, you can participate in Singaporean culture in many aspects. However, if you want to see yourself as a true Singaporean, then you should do gain a victory to pick up as much ‘Singlish’ slang as possible.

Even if you are new here, just by traveling little and interacting with a few, you will start to feel like living and making a home there. If you survive forward to be in this incredible country, then you may check the latest Amber Sea residences.

The unparalleled food cultures

Singaporeans live through their food. The city’s Indian, Malay, Chinese population bring their unusual culinary trend to the food scene. It happens both at high-end white tablecloth restaurants and at hawker centers, that offer tasty foods at bargain prices.

It has been named as a top country for outsiders due to its high quality of life and excellent economic conditions. According to HSBC Expat’s annual survey, there is a 29% increment experienced by the Expat’s, and the average salary is $160,833. Two out of three proportions of people say that they get more disposable income than their home country. It’s just because, the ex-pats get one of the highest quality jobs in Singapore.

The streets are exceptionally tidy without feeling sterile. The city was called a ‘garden tree’. Singapore’s first Prime Minister, Lee Kuan Yew has introduced the concept in1967. He intended to envelop the city into lush foliage to make it cleaner and so, pleasant. His initiative was successful. Above 1.4 million trees have been planted by the city in the last 40 years. The upcoming buildings are routinely wrapped in greenery.

Aside from Amber Sea, The Avenir is one among them as well. It is being developed under the check of the Far East Organization. It holds overall 132 units and having a freehold tenure. It is structured strategically near several MRT stations including Mountbatten MRT station and Dakota MRT station.

The whole building of Amber Sea is covered with trees, plants, and green cover. It is enclosed by various schools, shopping malls, food courts, fitness centers, gardens, and stations. With that, the developer has ensured that the dwellers will never have to encounter difficulty in terms of comfort and daily life frills.


Disinfection of communal facilities

Home / Home & Business Services / Disinfection of communal facilities

A person spends most of his time at communal facilities. That is why cleanliness and the absence of all kinds of insects (bugs, cockroaches) and rodents (rats, mice) are important here, as well as measures to prevent their appearance. The objects of communal property include:

  • Multi-storey residential apartment buildings, hotels, hostels and other buildings of the housing stock;
  • Service sector buildings: beauty salons and massage parlours;
  • Objects of the social and cultural fund: educational institutions, gyms, swimming pools, cinemas and administrative buildings;
  • Buildings in which funeral services are rendered.

Singapore Pest Control companies offer their customers a full range of services for disinfection, disinsection and deratization.


A large number of insects such as bedbugs, cockroaches and fleas carry various types of infectious diseases. The destruction of cockroaches and other insects makes it possible to provide favourable conditions for the normal life of people. This range of measures consists in carrying out extermination, sanitary-hygienic and sanitary-technical measures, the result of which is the elimination of insects and a guarantee of their absence for the next six months.


Rodents cause significant economic harm, and are also carriers of more than 20 types of infectious diseases, therefore, the rapid destruction of rats and mice at public utility facilities is a very important measure. Communal facilities that provide rodents with “shelter” in the form of basements, and food in the form of waste stored in enterprises, provide favourable conditions for pests to reproduce, which makes it difficult to control them.

Pest control management professionals guarantee high-quality deratization at municipal property. The company provides services both for one-time processing and for the systematic implementation of deratization measures at objects of communal ownership.


A large number of infectious diseases are spread by airborne droplets. In order to avoid spreading them in communal facilities, it is important to carry out routine disinfection. The correct conduct of disinfection methods makes it possible to fully eliminate pests and prevent the occurrence of pandemics. Reputed pest control companies make it possible to get rid of rodents and insects as safely as possible at municipal property.


  1. Deratization – professional extermination of dangerous rodents, rats, mice, moles, etc. in any area, private and industrial facilities;
  2. Disinfection – destruction of fungi, viruses, microorganisms, air purification, ventilation systems, disinfection of premises after sick and dead;
  3. Disinsection – the elimination of insects: cockroaches, ticks, ants, fleas, bedbugs, etc.
  4. Demercurization – multilevel elimination of mercury contamination, disinfection of air, furniture and household items;
  5. Deodorization – getting rid of persistent unpleasant odours in rooms, offices, apartments and cars. If odour persist due to air conditioner, aircon servicing is performed;

Pest control management provides deratization, disinsection and disinfection services to both individuals and legal entities. The professionals carry out any amount of work: from rooms and apartments to huge areas of factories, agricultural land or shopping centres. Thanks to powerful equipment and modern preparations, high productivity and speed of processing large areas are achieved.


How Does an Animal Trainer Help Dogs? 

Home / Education & Learning / How Does an Animal Trainer Help Dogs? 

Dog trainers are the professionals who work with your dogs to teach them obedience, and even advanced performance activities. Some dog trainers may only aim to correct the behavior of dogs while some work to prepare the does for completion or plays.

Furthermore, some trainers are asks there to train the dogs so well, so that they can be used to support human beings in mental or medical health needs. Following is the responsibility that a dog trainer does have-

  • Mentor the owners toward learning effective training techniques
  • Teach dogs to accomplish agility training.
  • Identify and overcome certain behavioural problems or faults in dogs.
  • To reinforce the positive behaviours of dogs, while they are in training and perform as per the instruction.
  • Instruct dogs in certified assistant exercises.

The work environment of a dog trainer

Dog trainers do work in a variety of settings. It depends upon the specific duties, that they have to follow. Some trainer works out with the owners and dogs whereas other works in an indoor setting. As the environment may vary, a dog trainer may expect his duty as:

Working directly with dogs, having a different level of obedience

Some dogs are naturally well behaved and they do not make a mess that much whereas some of them can create a blunder in your absence. Your household things are not at all safe when you are not around. So a dog trainer can incorporate the basic behavioral etiquette in your dog.

Standing or moving for extended periods and offering night and weekend training to accommodate customer comfort

Well, if you are going for private dog lessonsthen you may be asked to stay at home with the trainer and the dog. This is the demand, cannot be fulfilled if your office regulations are strict and you do not want to miss your weekday. In this case, they offer you the weekend days and even the night shifts for your dog training.

Instruction dogs as well as the owners.

There are so many different trainings having different targets. Some are targeted to behavioral improvement, some are to develop athleticism in the dog whereas, some are specially designed and known as house training. Housetraining involves basic routines and daily life activities of your dog. You must have heard about potty training puppy. It is the most initial training that needs to be given to the puppies or untrained dogs, as soon as you bring them home. A dog trainer helps you to teach your dog all the necessary things.

At dogtraining.com.sg you can hire some of the best trainers, experienced and highly qualified to handle every type of dog with extreme care. Once you trust us, you no longer have to worry about your dog’s behavioral skills. You can leave him free and go anywhere without worrying about the condition of your house with him.

Our packages are based on a daily as well as a weekly basis and are so pocket-friendly. You can call our helpline number or just directly mail to reach us.