All that you need to know about commercial disputes

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You may have often heard about commercial disputes and lawyers who specialise in resolution of commercial disputes. But what exactly is this commercial dispute and how does one resolve the same.

Understanding the meaning of commercial dispute:

The commercial dispute relates to any material dispute. It can be related to any industry. This is a broad term and it can relate to disputes relating to any type of business. It can include breach of contract, disputes between partners, issues with respect to shareholders etc.

Ways and means of resolving commercial disputes:

When we talk about any kind of dispute the first thing that comes to our mind is going to court to resolve the matter. Even in the case of commercial and business-related disputes, one can always approach the court. But before going to court it is always better to try to find some other ways of resolving the matter.

Many people check out for out of court settlement with the help of an arbitrator who will take into consideration all the aspects. The arbitrator will try to give a solution which is mutually acceptable to both the parties. Before going to the arbitrator both the parties can try to find an amicable solution. If that is not possible then they need some legal authority that can intervene and give a solution to the issue. Though this is a cost-effective and time-saving option some people may not want to opt for the same as there is no chance of appealing in the higher court. In the legal option even if you lose the case you can always appeal in the higher court.

Which path you must choose?

Now the question is choosing the right way to resolve the matter. Honestly speaking this will vary from case to case basis. In some cases, it may be best to opt for the option of arbitration whereas in some cases the only way that you have is to approach the court of law. This can be a very confusing thing and one may not be able to make the right choices.

It is therefore, better to approach a good lawyer who has in-depth knowledge about commercial disputes. He will study all the details of the case and will decide if it is possible to opt for the option of resolving the matter with a mutual agreement or you need to fight the case in the court. He will weigh all the pros and cons and will provide the best advice.

Choose only an expert :

Essex Court Chambers Duxton-2 Keep in mind that commercial litigation cases can be of very complex nature. It is therefore, important to make sure that you choose an expert from Essex Court Chambers Duxton. They are a group of lawyers who are known to have expertise in different areas including commercial dispute resolution.

Next time you are facing a commercial dispute issue all that you need to do is take advice from the best lawyer who will provide the best solution.

AI – One of the Best Digital Technology Trend for Hotels

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We all know that the hospitality industry is highly competitive. If one wants to survive this tough competition then they have to embrace technology. This is one of the best ways to give innovative solutions to clients. It will give you that competitive edge and will always keep you ahead of your competitors.

There is one tech trend that has surely been very valuable for the hospitality industry. Want to find out this technology trends for hotels? Here it is!

Artificial Intelligence in the hotel industry:

Artificial intelligence helps the hotel staff in understanding the customers better. With the help of data analytics, it is possible to extract a large amount of information about the client. The staff can find out details like travel choices of the customer, location preferences, inquiries about the rates and facilities in the hotel. Using this data the hotel staff can work out ways to give a more astute experience to the guests.

AI in hotels is also being used to give services like concierge services to the guests. With AI, customers can check-in to hotels remotely. AI-based concierge robots can provide all the assistance that the guests need. These robots not only provide good support to the guests. But they can also give recommendations, collect details from the inquires of the client and make their responses better. They can also give a response to customer queries right away.

It is helping in giving the guests a truly wonderful experience. When a guest checks into the hotel he is given some smart controls which can be used with his mobile phone. This includes unlocking the room with a digital key, controlling the temperature and light of the room, ordering food and drinks, scheduling of meals, management of taxi reservations etc.

Artificial intelligence has the power of big data. By analysing the data the hotel staff can learn many things about the choices of the customer and about the customer behaviour. This data can then be used to provide customised service to the clients.

AI technology embraced by hotels and offices globally:

If you check the details of some of the finest hotels in the world you will realise that these have already embraced the smart technology. Some of the biggest hotels in Japan, US and many other countries are making use of smart AI technology and they are reaping the benefits of this investment which is clearly reflected from the profits that they are making. Not only in hotels, the same technology is applicable to homes and offices. For offices, this office smart access management can provide you with the highest flexibility and security. This technology has made it possible to provide a quick and smart personalised service to the customers. Some people may feel that Artificial intelligence is still in the nascent stage. But if you see how well it is being used by the hospitality industry across the globe you will realise that it is surely one thing that you just cannot ignore.

Adopt the AI technology for your hotel at the earliest. This will help you provide the best service to your customers, help in business growth and will also bring down the load on your staff who can use their energies in other important activities of the hotel.