8 Reasons to Buy a Condo in Tengah Garden EC

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The popularity of buying a home in a new building is now, more than ever, high. Let’s look at all the advantages of buying an apartment in a new residential complex like Tengah Garden EC.

  1. Modern rational planning

Buying housing in a new building, the future owner can easily realize all his design ideas and fantasies, the apartment is created literally for its owner. In front of it is a blank canvas, so you can carefully consider the options for redevelopment, conveniently arrange furniture.

  1. New engineering communications

Comfort and safety of living in an apartment depends on the quality of engineering systems.
Heating, cold and hot water supply, power supply, sewerage, ventilation system in new homes meet all modern requirements, and are designed for heavy loads, so you are not afraid of weak water pressure or closure. This increases the performance of the residential complex.
Living will be even more comfortable and safe thanks to the installed powerful pumps, filters for water purification.

  1. High-quality building materials

Time does not stand still, and the technology of production of building materials is only improving. In the process of construction of the house, high-quality building materials are used in order to increase resistance to external mechanical influences, noise and thermal insulation.

  1. High level of security

In modern residential complexes, security systems meet high requirements. Installed video surveillance and alarm systems will not allow outsiders to enter the territory of the new building. Each complex also has a fire safety system, which is triggered clearly at the time of signs of fire.

  1. Quick execution of transactions

Buying an apartment is carried out without intermediaries, so the transaction will be legally clean, thanks to which you will save money, time and nerves.

  1. Cost

The advantage of the primary market is that until the house is put into operation, the prices for apartments in it are much lower than the market value. Even despite the expectations, the end result is worth it. Also, Tengah Garden developers offer various options for buying an apartment in instalments.

  1. Good atmosphere and developed infrastructure

The adjacent territory of the residential complex, as a rule, is ennobled: clean entrances, flower beds and playgrounds for children, parking, reliably closed from outsiders, video surveillance and polite security are not all the benefits of civilization we have acquired, which, of course, secondary housing can boast quite rarely.
Own infrastructure of residential complexes usually includes shops, pharmacies, bank branches and other social service facilities. Schools, kindergartens, shopping centres, supermarkets are within walking distance.

Tengah Garden EC floorplan will have 14 storeys in every block. The complex has been designed with 628 residential units for future residents.

  1. Positive energy in apartments

Secondary market apartments have their own history from previous tenants, and are not always positive. In new apartments, you can write your story from scratch, because the new room has a positive aura and energy. All this will move you to new achievements and success.

Taking into account all the above criteria, when choosing an apartment, a clear advantage on the side of the new estate. Especially wins in this regard, the nearest suburb is Tengah Town in Tengah Garden Walk. This compact town is surrounded by dense forests and a large number of reservoirs. The city is actively developing and building, there are new residential complexes with its infrastructure.

Tengah residential complex is an exclusive class house, which stands out against the background of other new buildings. The quality of construction, convenient layout, panoramic view windows, modern design and its style make this house prestigious and comfortable for living. A pleasant surprise for future residents will be its own mini-park.

An overview of condo living 

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A large estate, allocated into single units for the objective of sale, is a condominium. So how is it unique from a regular estate? Much of the disparity spring up due to the sort of possession. For instance, in the case of an apartment, a sole family purchases not only the unit but they furthermore have the liberty of possession of the land on which the building is built. In the case of a condo, the possession is narrowly distinct. A condominium is inward a residential facility or community but the unit is personally regulated by the person or owner of the property. This owner has no vote in the functioning of the bigger building or even the plot of property upon which his/her estate is created. A homeowners’ association may, still, come jointly to help out with the estate administration. Moreover, they may be cited as condominium management, comprising an organization of landlords that come jointly to supervise lawn maintenance, etc. For services such as these, condo holders will have to reimburse a specific amount.


Ø  Maintenance of condominiums

Most people want condominiums, because of their short maintenance expenses. The inhabitants need to spend a certain sum yearly or monthly for the across-the-board maintenance of their condos. Therefore, the inhabitants need not overhaul any maintenance problem by themselves. They are only required to notify the authorities to rectify the problems. Some condos like Thiam Siew Residences also retain regular examination facilities where repairs are instantly done if any issue is observed.


Ø  Condominium insurance

Condominium landlords require to pay a lesser premium as correlated to proprietors of private houses, while they get their condos underwritten. This is because they are just required to get their belongings within their home insured. The rest of the condo’s insurance is taken care of by the actual owner of the estate. Accordingly, getting homeowners’ insurance for a condominium is inexpensive.


Ø  Benefits of condominiums

The following are the advantages of condominiums:-

  1. Flexible lifestyle: Condominiums are excellent for people who like to live a flexible life without constraints. Know, you are the landlord of the unit and there are no constraints on your lifestyle in a condominium.
  2. More affordable: Condominiums are furthermore useful for people who need to lessen the expense of acquiring a house. Condominiums are more inexpensive than separate houses and make a big investment for first-time home holders.
  3. Good connectivity with business centres and various aspects of entertainment: One of the most unusual characteristics of condominiums is that they are located near business centers and popular centres of a locality. Thus, the holders benefit from tremendous connectivity and have access to the many forms of leisure prevalent in the locality.
  4. A wide span of amenities: Most condominiums possess a wide range of luxuries that comprise a swimming pool, rooftops, and health centers. When it comes to amenities, the Thiam Siew freehold condo can never be beaten up! Thus, the inhabitants need not walk out of their complex in search of these conveniences.
  5. Considerable security: Condominiums have great security and deter the likelihood of robbery or intruders barging into the estate. Most condos have numerous safety technologies to conserve the security of the inhabitants.