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Modern laboratory set up arrives with advanced various features, helping lab to enhance operational efficiency and productivity. Appropriate for a wide variety of applications in clinic and scientific laboratories, a centrifuge spins liquid samples at high speed for the effective separation of sample components to help in diagnosis and treatment. With the improvement of technologies, new models have entered the market with manufacturers providing systems featuring state of the art technology to enhance functionality and outputs.

Lab centrifuges- superior features

Many modern centrifuges are designed to provide efficiency in different types of environment such as labs and doctors office. This lab equipment is important for several clinical lab applications including separation of sample components to help in diagnosis and treatment. Though features vary among models the main features that industry leading lab centrifuges offer are

  • Self- centering ride
  • Programmable operation
  • Various indicator lights
  • Timer, hold and brake
  • Option of automatic and manual modes
  • Adjustable temperature setting
  • Adjustable speed setting
  • Micro-processor control
  • Built in timer
  • CFC free opearation
  • Registration option
  • LED display of operating parameters
  • Auto rate control setting

Models with a direct ride system assure trouble free service for longer period. High capacity centrifuges could be used for operation making an efficient lab set up.

Setting up your desk for maximum usability

Ensure that setting up your lab you consider your chemists and decide to set something up. Ensure that your lab apply your needs and is able to produce what you want efficiently. To do this, you have to allocate the enough lab furniture for the area you have.

Utilization of desks

If you have laboratory furniture set, you can give the capability to your employees for writing while working in the lab. Now calculate on the lab you doing, desk can be helpful or helpless.

Fume hoods

If your analysis or work is going to comprise fumes being spewed from a container or a vital then a fumehood is what you need to ventilate your air so that you don’t destroy anyone health. This can be placed typically as they have their own bases usually flammable cabinets. So you can set up your lab up about fume hood or vice versa. An odorless fume hood is a famous edition to a lab because it is able to avoid chemical fumes, vapors and particles from the air that is taken.

We provide standard fume hoods model, just visit us on for further information. We are providing fully lab furniture and lab owner has full lab equipment with advanced features. You can find a different fume hood that gives different powers and filtration systems according to your choice and requirements.