Health benefits of beer you never knew

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Most times when beer and its effects on people are being discussed, we tend to focus on the negative. Unknown to many, there are numerous health benefits associated with drinking beer. The base ingredients for beer include malted barley, Hops, Yeast and water among other fine ingredients. Whether it is craft beer or mass-produced beer there are numerous benefits for consuming beer.

There are generally two ways of brewing beer; brewing with non-mechanized instruments in a small controlled environment which Is known as craft beer or brewing in a large mechanized environment which the biggest beer producing companies do.

Health benefits of beer.

Some of the health benefits are surely going to shock you and you may already know about some but here are some of the top health benefits of drinking beer:

  • Craft beer has been known to contain folate, niacin, protein and fibres all which have different health benefits on the human body.
  • Beer protects your heart- Research shows that drinking beer makes you less likely to have a stroke than does who do not drink beer. The research also says it protects you from heart attacks and other related heart diseases.
  • banner_six_4Beer is throat nutritious alcoholic drink as it is said to contain more vitamin B and protein than even wine. Other minerals contained in beer include Phosphate, Calcium and Iron.
  • Women who drink craft beer have a decreased risk of weight gain when compared with those who don’t drink craft beer. You can order craft beer from, they provide 100+ types beers and also provide delivery.
  • Drinking beer reduces your risk of diabetes by 40% and can also help lower your cholesterol levels.
  • Remember the phrase “an apple a day keeps the doctor away”? Well taking two glasses of beer can reduce anxiety and work-related stress a great deal.
  • According to a study, beer might help improve your memory. One of the key ingredients in the making of beer- Hops, is known to contain a substance that boosts memory performance. So a healthy consumption of beer could boost your memory.
  • Beer helps your body prevent kidney stones, results from research conducted show that men and women who confirmed to drink beer moderately were observed to reduce their chances of having kidney stones by 41%.

Moderation is key.

Although there are many health benefits associated with drinking beer, abusing or over-drinking beer can cause some serious consequences for your health. The key is moderation, taking beer in appropriate quantities is necessary to enjoy the positive health benefits derived from drinking beer both mass-produced and Craft beer.

Why you should drink beer.

Although you might be flooded with reasons why beer might not be good for you daily, science proves that beer is actually good for you. It is rich in calcium which is good for your bones, it reduces your risk of kidney stones and diabetes by over 40% and protects your heart from stroke, heart disease and heart attacks. After reading this article we believe the only question you should be asking yourself if you do not already drink beer is why you’ve not been drinking beer all this time.

Car Radio Systems: Essential for entertainment purpose

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Music, one of the best sources of entertainment for every person. Also, it works as a relaxing agent for a stressed mind. People like to listen to the various kinds of music depends on their mood. Imagine yourself driving all the way to a new town with the high-quality sound being played in your car.

The car radio market swells every day. Certain conditions must be taken into account before deciding on the best options available today.

The most important and the main thing to lead the way is a radio in particular. Features include several things like a billboard with the spotlight, sound quality, design, electronic shock protection, compact disc changers and operating controls. The radios available now a day are equipped with a color screen and vary in size and shapes.


Car Audio: a different music

Optimize the sound of your car by offering Conrad. Stereo and audio equipment of high technology online only the best brands. Radio, Hi-fi equipment, stereo, speakers and amplifiers for diffusion of sounds optimally positioned, both in the front seats and at the back. On Conrad completely different music.

Audio equipment and car speakers: sensory experience on the move.

Increase driving pleasure and traveling on board of your vehicle thanks to our range of car audio systems. Car built from the best brands, single or double. Amplify your music for similar sound experience, thanks to car radio in Singapore range of recessed speakers, subwoofers, tweeters and frames. Crisp, clear sounds and also from the rear side seats.

The market offers a wide variety of products to choose from at a reasonable price. The form depends on the type of facilities it provides as reversal, voice, scanning, tuning for FM and AM and volume control.

The acoustic control system is a substance that gives a reflection because it has to be precise. The amplifier has the good sound quality to a radio system. They give clear tunes of the pieces played. They also provide all necessary arrangements for connectivity with iPods and memory cards. Car radio has mobile and useful entertainment capabilities by simply connecting a few cables.

A consumer is always interested in price. Car radio in Singapore companies sometimes offer very high-end products to the customers. The choice also depends on how sales person shows a particular car radio.

Bopper offers the widest known and most expensive car radios. Businesses also provide systems like an audio player with an MP3 player. They provide stereo with all BRIC and pitcher.

Having a warranty is another factor to consider when purchasing a high-end musical car radio system. This can be essential to avoid costly repairs that may be necessary for the end.

Today, high-quality music systems are available online; you can order the best with a mere click of the mouse. The online business survey is the brilliant and easiest way to procure notorious businesses for exposure and sale of their products. Buy Car Accessories from Oversea Union for best products at nominal prices.

Your Happiness Lies In Your Dog’s Happiness

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Fashion styles for humans are common and known to all. However, having a pet, you must have heard of clothes for your little friends also. While those who have not experienced the company of pets, barely know that fashion exists for dogs as well. As shocking it might be, the fashion followers keep an update on all latest styles and designer wears for their dogs. This is yet one another way to pamper your dog and make it feel loved.

Being fully involved in the latest trends, you might consider spending more on dogs clothes this time. Be it Christmas, New Year or any other occasion, go shop the best of all outfits for your little best friend. It might include nice warm and trendy jacket for the extreme winters, so that your pet can enjoy the outdoors without sany discomfort. A cute little raincoat for the monsoon, themed wear to match the occasions like the Halloween or something trendy and sweet for its birthday celebration. Enjoy dressing up your pooch by adding accessories and shoes for a complete look.

It is true that some dogs do not find clothes too comfortable and hence they might become slight disobedient when forcefully dressed. In such cases, it is best to leave the dogs in its comfortable state as long as the weather does not affect their health.

Nevertheless, if your pooch appreciates fashion as you do, then you have the opportunity to make it look and feel best. A dressed up little pooch attracts many dog lovers in external environments, in dog shows, parks, parties and playgrounds for dogs. These people pamper your dog, adore it and play with it. The friendlier the atmosphere it grows up in, the happier it would be. Observe how a little change can bring enormous pleasure and delight to this being. A little expenditure is okay while buying something necessary for your pooch.

Purchasing outfits and other accessories for dogs is not too difficult since there are companies and designers that design clothes especially for them. From simple clothes to trendy and chic garments, all is available for your cute buddy. If you fail to get something from the store in your neighborhood then buying online is your best option. Indeed online platforms provide a wide range of collections from different designers, boutiques and companies. The range varies according to these factors, so that almost everyone can avail these facilities.

Innumerable sites over the internet focus on selling every products that a dog might need. Its market is huge and still growing, since every year; thousands of people are adopting dogs as pets. It is easy to purchase dog clothes from these sites by filling in basic information. The door delivery is perhaps one of the best facilities of online shopping. Not everything is equally expensive; you would have to look for affordable yet good quality products since you want it to be comfortable in it. Buy the best for your dog, which it deserves.

What Is The Method To Buy From China?

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This is an instructions post to tell you how to buy goods from China and how to work with the Chinese factories. This post will probably be useful for those entrepreneurs that are interested in buying from China or are starting to develop a novel business there that demands raw materials and parts. Hopefully, this post will help to answer all your queries immediately.

The Big Player

What do you think that Amazon, Round the Clock Mall, Ebay, Wal-Mart or McMaster Carr, are all big companies? Well, let me tell you that lots of people have started shopping from Taobao store which is indeed the biggest store in the world and seemingly yes, it is even greater than Wal-Mart and it is located in China. What do you think, when all the stock of these companies finishes out, where do they go to? Yes, they all go to Taobao, which obviously means that everything comes from China. Unsurprisingly, we all have been buying from China in a way or two!

Let’s Venture into History

Back in the days, buying products from overseas was very difficult and you had to wait for so many months that it is hard to explain right now, plus you didn’t get much out of your money.

  1. But in modern era, things were changed and international shipping wasn’t considered risky or expensive anymore.
  2. Now you can ask somebody to get you something and they will send it to you according to your address, phone number and name.
  3. Also now, the internet plays a great role in our lives and it has certainly changed the way international shopping or even buying from China has become now.
  4. In the last 5 years, innumerable Chinese companies have become known to the advantages of the internet and have made web pages by hiring people and have added enough English there as well.
  5. By this method buying from China has become a lot easier and the companies are able to serve their potential clients as well.

How to Window Shop in China

  1. The biggest thing that we face while buying from China is what do we need to buy?
  2. How are we going to buy?
  3. And how are we going to search for it?
  4. For that purpose, you must start browsing the website and kind of window shop on it to get familiar with the products labeled there.
  5. Apart from Taobao, the largest sources of shopping from China are Alibaba, Made in China and Global Sources.
  6. You can write anything and some sort of product will come up.
  7. You can write cars, bikes, toys, hair accessories, makeup, different brand names and anything you might feel like buying.
  8. You can even find products with labels like cute, kitty, color, pink and so much more.
  9. The website has its directories, types, kinds and genres and if you feel comfortable, you can start exploring there as well.
  10. Every time you will come upon very interesting merchandises and you should buy products according to the ratings of the buyers.

Rewarding Your Employees with The Nicest Corporate Gifts

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Are you thinking about the best corporate gift ideas for employees? Well, you don’t just give out corporate gifts to promote your business or to create bond with your business partners. One of the purposes of corporate gifting is to recognize and thank your employees. Yes, they are part of your success, and it is but right to thank them even in the littlest way you can.

With this, handing out small or grand items will do. Basically, you may giveaway anything as long as the item is valuable and personalized. Here are some fabulous options:

Stationery Items

Products like pens, notepads, planners and even a paper weight or a puncher can mean so much to your employee especially if they are working in an office environment where they handle tons of paper works each day.

Such simple, but thoughtful gift with their name on it is a great way to make them feel valuable and appreciated. This only means that your gifts do not always have to be expensive.

Customized Frame

This may appear too simple, but this can be made more special by having the frame engraved with the employees’ name or perhaps a special message or date connected to their service to your company.

Such product can be used to contain certificate of recognition, photographs or pretty images. A photo frame is certainly a highly functional and extraordinary item you can reward your employee. For more creativity, you may choose fridge magnets with photo frames in it instead of the ordinary looking frames.

Jewelry Items/Accessories

An employee who has contributed a lot and has remained loyal to your company really deserves a special treat. In some instances, investing on generous gifts like a stylish watch, bracelet, gold plated tie clips or a medal or pendant can definitely make someone feel valued.

You can make such gift items more special by engraving the employee’s name or initials on it along with your company name or logo. This is a kind of gift that would last and remembered for a lifetime.


A simple and handy calculator can make an employee smile especially when given sincerely. In fact, even a keychain flashlight can excite them. However, if there is something grand or you are feeling generous, why not hand an iPad instead? Your employee will surely jump for joy if you do.

Gift Baskets

Everyone will feel delighted receiving a corporate gift basket filled with tons of exciting goodies. You may choose from gift baskets filled with all sweets like chocolates and candies or a basket with lavish surprises – caviar cans, packets of superior quality smoked salmon, truffles etc.

Trendy Gifts

Any employee will surely feel thankful getting a USB flashdrive as a gift. USB drives are functional and almost a necessity in this modern world – people these days uses it to store any files – documents, presentations, photos and videos among others.

So, look for the top thumb drive supplier in Singapore where you can order such items. There is a wide array to choose from and you will be surprised of the selection.

Taxes in Import from China

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Sourcing goods from Chinese vendors is becoming a more favorable choice for wholesalers all over the world. Tax and duty are key concerns for them. If you are among them, having a rough outline of the taxation system before you import from China is the basic foundation to start wholesale business in China.


Normally, for import from China, the Custom Bureau will impose two types of import tax and value-added taxes. The amount of import taxes and customs duty payable is calculated on the basis of the price or value of the imported goods. The value is called as the duty paying value. Another one, valued-added taxes is compulsory in some countries or areas. And this tax is not calculated based on the amount of imported goods but the total amount of import tax, shipping cost and the value of goods. Sometimes, the valued-added taxes may be a large portion. Therefore bear in mind that do not register until the amount reach the threshold.  But for different countries, the regulation and ratio of tax are different, so you have to check out the regulation carefully. The category of the product you source is also another factor that decides the amount of taxes. In each country, certain kinds of products such as high-end luxury will be imposed higher taxes and non-profitable product or service including goods like scientific educational supplies and medical equipment, on the contrary, enjoys lower tax ratio. Conventional duty rates are applied to imported goods that originate from countries or territories that have entered into regional trade agreements containing preferential provisions on duty rates. The origin of imported good also matters of the imposing amount. In few circumstances, anti-dumping tax and patent-protection tax are likely to impose for the protection of inner-house companies and products. For various regulations and tax systems may create puzzles, you have to make sure before make a decision to import from China.

The tax system is always a complex concept in international trade. For order and parcel of small quantity or value is usually free of tax. As a result, in your startup phase, start with a small quantity can not only test the feasibility with less risk and exempt the additional charge of taxes.

Now is a comparatively perfect moment for small stores import from China, as Chinese government has many beneficial policies for Chinese exporters and cross-board e-commerce is highly encouraged in Chinese financial plan these years. For example, to attracting foreign customers, Customs Bureau may provide tax rebate for the order amount reaching a certain amount and for certain industries. Therefore, you can pay attention to the tax policies and find one favorable regulation when you import from China. Although tax system is kind of complex, you should not hesitate to become one wholesaler to import from China with the government paying much attention and the relatively cheap price.

5 Must-have products for Your One Year Baby

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At once men and women become parents they have many things to do and buy. A baby is growing very fast acquiring new skills. One year old baby needs new products, toys, clothes and accessories. Reading this short article you will know what to prepare for your one year baby.

  1. Stroller. Your toddler will need a new stroller instead of a pram. There are many of them on the baby market. Nice strollers are sold in the online stores too. The process of buying and delivery is very quick. There are jogging strollers, double/triple strollers, lightweight strollers and strollers with a travel system, which include the car seat. As a rule, all strollers are provided with basic accessories like a rain coat, shopping basket, child tray. Consider the stroller with many features, because it will ease travelling with your one year son or daughter.
  2. Car Seat. If you have a car, consider purchasing a good car seat. The most famous and widespread brands of baby car seats in Singapore are the following: Aprica, Joie, Lucky Baby, NUNA, Capella and Peg Perego. The price starts from $150 and can even reach up to $600. The quality car seat is a safety of your baby. It is fast and simple to install the baby car seat. Parents should choose the car seat considering the baby’s age, height and weight. There are rear facing seats, forward facing seats and booster seat singapre
  3. Swing. This product also should be in the house. The first swing of your baby should be bright and made from non toxic material. It is recommended to buy the swing with adjustable seat belt and wide seat. Parents can find swings for outdoor and indoor activities.
  4. Gym mat. One year babies are very active and they like to play various games with parents. If you purchase a gym mat, your child will safely explore the room. Consider the size and height of the gym mat. Many play mats include other games and toys. Some mats can even entertain kids, emitting sounds of animals.
  5. Walker. A baby walker is another must have product in your house. Surely, parents will always remember the first steps of their baby. When it is time for a child to walk, mummies and daddies should buy a walker. Apart from safety, your child will get additional source of entertainment. Walkers are equipped with musical additions, toys, textures and shapes. All walkers are adaptable for the baby. Parents can adjust height of the walkers. Actually, there are different adjustable functions in modern walkers, which quickly help to learn how to walk.

To sum up, one year babies strive to explore the world and open something new. The main purpose for every parent in this period is to provide the little explorer with basic products. Do not put off purchasing these products, because time goes fast. Your baby will grow quickly, so it is better to buy everything beforehand.