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If you are planning to move abroad for your studies and earn an abroad degree then the Singapore University of Technology and Design should definitely be shortlisted.

The Singapore University of Technology and Design is the fourth autonomous university-recognized Singapore. This university is often renowned for providing Dual Degree Master’s Program along with MIT, helping you to get dual degrees from both institutions.

Singapore University of Technology and DesignIf you want to experience the top research facilities in Singapore then the Singapore University of Technology and Design is the best option.

Below-stated are some top reasons for studying at Singapore University of Technology and Design. Learn how to pass university interview questions here.

The university has strong tie-ups with Massachusetts Institute of Technology

There were three major reasons for SUTD to have a tie-up with MIT: to expand a distinctive undergraduate program for SUTD, to efficiently extend the faculty & leadership at SUTD, and to set up the main research center.

Since MIT is considered one of the world’s top universities so the curriculum designed by this university offers the great benefit of learning to undergraduate students of SUTD.

The two universities are known to provide a Dual Masters Program to students.

A special curriculum is designed

The main aim of SUTD is to provide top and world-class education to students due to which it looks very strongly into its core curriculum design. The curriculum of this university is completely different and unique when compared with other universities.

The curriculum directly aims at nurturing the technical leaders as well as innovators who will help to progress the world through technology and design.

SUTD has established an affiliation with some remarkable academic institutions worldwide

Apart from the partnership with MIT, Singapore University of Technology and Design has constant educational partnerships with some top local and international universities.

This helps in giving SUTD students a great opportunity for experiencing global learning.

Infrastructure at Singapore University of Technology and Design

When it comes to the infrastructure of Singapore University of Technology and Design no other university can beat it. The entire university is equipped with all modern facilities.

The classrooms are air-conditioned, clean, and have whiteboards in all the directions along with projectors and smart boards. There are different blocks for classrooms, meeting rooms and laboratories.

SUTD always dynamically participates in diverse sectors of society

One of the major reasons why you should prefer SUTD as your top priority for your abroad study because it educates students in such a manner study quotes that they can easily apply what they know.

The learning process taught at SUTD often assists the student to generate innovative solutions for their real-life problems.

It has also done partnerships with diverse sectors such as urban development, aviation, and healthcare.

Therefore, the above-stated are some top reasons that state why you should take admission in SUTD.