Football and the Ultimate Thrill It Offers

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The uncontrollable happiness when your favorite team wins the match initiates with screaming and jumping. Their victory feels like your own triumph. That is the level of indulgence into this global sport. Especially when you are in the stadium, the overflow of excitement seems expected and experienced by others as well. The fun of watching the matches in arena, more over during world cup championships is altogether a mindboggling experience.

However, watching the same match on televisions is not much different. With family and friends, the experienced moments become rather more valuable. In clubs or at friend’s place, the essence of soccer remains the same. When with likeminded people, the similar feelings felt enhance the satisfaction and contentment.

However, in order to experience this sport and the excitement it offers one has to take out time. Not as an obligation but rather out of will. It is no compulsion but a ninety-minute match can change a dull and boring day into an energizing and rousing experience. Watch it for the fun and enjoyment you deserve after hectic day at work. Perhaps, soccer may seem a violent game at first glance but is not so at all. It a medicine to ease your tired self and eradicate your stress through the adrenaline rush it bequeaths.

Jonathan Bunge is an example of the absolute and crazy fan of football. A truck driver by profession, he makes sure to devote enough time to football as well. It is more like a ritual, sacred and equivalently important for his happiness and survival. Yes, football is the hope that keeps him happy and healthy. The pressure of his work releases while indulged in football matches. However, it never affects his work that is the balance of professional and personal life. Inspired by his favorite players he has learnt to stabilize and score well in every phase of life.

Playing soccer on the field is even more exciting than watching others. Not that you can play like trained and professional athletes at one go. Then it is not always about being a pro. Tired of being a pro at office or elsewhere, you just want to play to loosen up and simply enjoy it. You need not follow rules and be afraid of getting hurt. That is because your teammates are more like your partners in crime simply releasing the toxicity piled up inside.

Every fanatic and follower have his or her own way of supporting soccer. It could be via playing, watching matches, discussions and interactions with others. Jonathan Bunge supports soccer not by merely seeing the games but observes and shares his views through his writings. He writes blogs so that every individual can read his words on the life of different players, the performance of different teams and its influence on his life. Like him, there are millions of football followers who express their passion for this sport in varied ways. It is a sport worth playing, watching and sharing individual experiences with others.