How you can contribute to efficient home moving

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How efficiently DC moving companies execute their services depend on how good you are in playing your role as demanded by the project. Although the project is handled by the moving company but that does not mean you can sit back with closed eyes. While the majority of work is sourced out, there will be many complementary activities that you have to perform to make the overall project a success.  What your role will be can be better understood if you are aware about the operations involved in home moving. We all know that moving the household goods after packing it properly and then unpacking it at the new location and placing constitutes the bulk activities in moving home. But how you want to get it done is your discretion since the valuables belong to you. You provide the basics of the moving plan which is fine tuned by the moving company.

Stay involved

Although you will not actively participate in the moving process, the DC moving companies would expect that you will stay involved in the process till the time it is completed.  You have to be present at the place to assist the moving company that might need some advice and guidance from you to do the work in a much better way to your satisfaction. Your assistance is required to draw a plan for sequential loading on the vehicle so that it becomes easy to unload the most required items first. Even if you are unable to be present, delegate the work to someone who can play your role.


Get packing completed first


There might be occasions when you feel to push back the packing activities of at least some items till the penultimate hour on the day of moving.  This should be avoided because last minute packing can be prone with some quick fix measures for paucity of time that can harm the goods in transit. Avoiding last minute rush and completing all packing on the day before the move will ensure that the quality of packing is not compromised.


Maintain clarity in communications

To make sure that the moving operations are smooth and efficient, the most important aspect is to communicate with the moving company without any ambiguity. Communication has to be direct, crisp and clear so that your thought and ideas are correctly perceived by the service provider. Improper communication can lead to confusion and misunderstanding that affects the quality of service. Proper communication is the key to efficient services.

Give open space

To facilitate speedy work during removal, ensure that the floor area is clear and accessible without any hindrance.  Since heavy loads have to be moved with care through restricted spaces, the floor space should be free from any congestion and all packed goods are to be lined up on one side of the wall so as to allow free movement for the material handlers.

Execute the placement plan

Be prepared with the layout plan for furniture at the new home as it is the responsibility of DC moving companies to unpack it and place it as directed. Sign them off only after this is done.