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Have you always been skeptical about attending seminars, workshops, training as most of them you find are truly superficial, where you only got to scratch the surface? So, now get ready for completely different nature of training. Try it with Assure Safety and get an impressive nature and level of training. Here, you will get concrete examples, exercises, and an excellent analysis of the course. You’re learning at Assure Safety is going to be very energetic, inspirational and will involve lots of substantial and in-depth knowledge. Moreover, you will be certainly switching your mind into a positive thinking mode for the DPO role as the course makes progress.

With the Personal Data Protection Act in Singapore, all organizations that manage to collect and store personal data have to comply with the statute or face financial consequences. What does it call for along with the enhanced safety of data? It calls for a new position in an organization that manages and takes care of personal data- that of the Data Protection Officer.

The Officer PDPA compliance training is especially aimed at equipping DPOs with new practices and approaches to implement the Personal Data Protection Act. In this training, the trainees will be given a task to obtain a project base as a part of the program’s assessment. This task will be based on their organizational context. This will be very valuable for all the participating DPO’s to assess the current level and compliance of their company with the PDPA. So, after this, they will be able to address the relevant risks and gaps by taking necessary actions.

By the time of completion of the course, the DPOs will be able to initiate their compliance efforts for their particular companies. He would have adequate hands-on knowledge and experience to proceed and finalize the project they have taken on. Moreover, the local workers of the company will gain a useful and niche skill set to enhance their mobility and value add notion to their companies.

Assure Safety often offers Biz Safe Training and the certification program in which the applicants embark on a tour, initiating with the uppermost management, ascertaining their obligation to the purpose, the implementation of a WSH management system, follow up by the acquisition of RM capabilities. Victorious applicants of the bizsafe programme gain acclaim and they enjoy a range of benefits of having a WSH system in place.

Bizsafe e-services enable you to review your application level anytime and you can also renew the status of your bizsafe or email bizsafe@wshc.sg for the following purposes-

  • To check the number of your certificate
  • To edit the name of your company
  • To update your senior management’s particular
  • To revise the bizsafe contact of a particular person
  • To impose a request for the bizsafe logo. This facility is only for bizsafe level 3 and above.
  • To put a request for a bizsafe certificate. This request can be brought only by bizsafe enterprises.