A 7-Point Guide for the Best Singapore Hair Replacement for Men and Women

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The Dermatological Society of Singapore (DAS) reckons over 70% of men over 35 years suffer from some form of hair loss, while a study by Singapore Cancer Society (SCS) shows similar hair loss prevalence in women over 30 years.

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Hair Replacement as a Godsend

Luckily, modern innovations have now enabled hair replacement for men and women with Singapore being rated the top hair care destination in Asia by Euromonitor International. If you have been suffering in silence or using ineffective solutions such as weaves, it is time to leverage new technology offered by trained professionals specializing in hair replacement for women.

Choosing the Best Hair Replacement Studio

With so many experts in hair replacement services cropping up all over the country, you need to choose the best.  Here are ten factors to guide you in the process:

  1.    Training and Certification

If anyone is to deal with your sensitive scalp, then they must be highly trained and certified. As such, look for a facility where the hair care professionals have the right papers from credible technical institutions either in Singapore or abroad.

This information is readily available on any reliable studio’s website, but you should also check credible government resources, such as the Health Products Regulation Group (HPRG), to ensure any products used in the studio are safe.

  1.    Expertise and Experience

Before you use any hair replacement for men, evaluate skills and experience of hair specialists at the studio. The best way to do this is by using their customer service channels to enquire about the number of years these hair experts have been in this industry. You also need to ask for techniques and proven results of the methods they use in hair replacement for women.

  1.    Registration and Licensing

When searching for the most effective hair loss solutions, you should be aware there are thousands of quacks out there after your money. These unscrupulous quacks will promise heaven only to ruin your remaining hair with dangerous solutions. To avoid this, ask every studio you consult for licensing and registration to practice in the country in case anything goes wrong.

  1.    Vast Range of Hair Care Services

Identifying a credible hair loss expert is not hard; you just need to look at the range of services they are offering to know whether they are serious or not. Look out for comprehensive hair loss services such as hair extension Singapore systems, custom-made hair replacement pieces, hair care products, professional hair treatment, massage, root cleansing, hair steaming and knitting, among others. This means you will get all your hair care solutions under one roof.

  1.    Reliable Hair Loss Services

In order to enjoy any hair replacement for men, the system has to be undetectable, natural looking, fitting, long lasting, compatible with your rigorous lifestyle and of course fantastic looking. Whether you love bungee jumping, swimming or dancing, the hair system must allow for all these.

One of the most important things to consider is longevity because you don’t want to keep going back for more replacement every day. The best hair replacement for women must be breathable, just like your own hair, thus ensuring your hygiene as opposed to weaves and other traditional solutions.

  1.    100% Guarantee

A dependable hair loss specialist provides a system that is foolproof and incase of any problems with a solution, they are always ready to back up their service or product. As such, look for a studio that guarantees you a replacement system that is fully compatible with your scalp.

  1.    State-of-the-art  Hair Care Studio

If you want to access the credibility of a hair specialist, just visit UEC hair studio in Singapore. If it is rundown and unhygienic, you can bet their hair extension Singapore systems will also be shoddy and unreliable.

Well, who said you have to keep worrying about your hair loss? Your hair loss blues are gone now that you know how to pick the best hair loss professional for the perfect hair replacement system in Singapore.