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Music is the very cup of his tea. He lives for the same and believes it to the core. He is a great musician by the name of Vince Pettinelli. He believes music has a great impact on one and all and no one can remain untouched by the same. People following music achieve success in all aspects of the life without a saying. They are more successful as compared to the others, without any second thoughts. Music impacts the mind and thinking ability of an individual.

Vince Pettinelli leaves his students free, in order to decide their paths on their own and choose the best for them. He helps them as and when needed to make the right choice and style available to them. Music is in the soul of each and every individual. One lays his/her hands on the same in his/her lifetime and tends to grow and develop with the same.

Vince Pettinelli is a leader class apart and has led many successful community projects which have been a great success and quite known among the people. To name a few of them, they are as below:

  • Ken Brader Benefit Concert – This concert was a grand success among the people and has helped in raising funds for Ken. All this money has helped Ken for his treatment and thus served a social purpose.
  • Phillipsburg Ole Towne Festival – He was the Entertainment Director for about 10 years. He played an important role during the festivals and had multiple roles to play all these years.
  • Musique and Art Nouveaux – Scheduled school’s musical performances and coordinated with the big wigs to make the events a grand success.

Vince Pettinelli has generated and raised funds by freelancing for various entertainment companies. He is a name well known among the people of his field. He never took any of his performances lightly and is very concerned and confident about his music. Music has been food for him. He believes in each opportunity as the best one and thus performs well to give his best to the audiences concerned. He knows his music and the emotions attached to it. He gives proper value to the same and does not take it for granted at any costs at any point of time.

He has worked with eminent musicians and band performers. He still looks upto them for their valuable advice and expert comments. He pays great tribute to his teachers from whom he has learnt all the music and who have honed him as an individual. He feels obliged for the care being given to him by his teachers. At the same time, he himself is a very good teacher to all his students who are keen on grasping the aspects of music and making it big in the field. He has impressed many by his skills and the art of music.

To sum it up all, the people are quite active as a great music teacher, performer himself and clinician. They would have performed both publically and privately and is a known name among the people.