The helpless and impoverished find a new helping hand in Gospel For Asia

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The whole world in this 21st century has progressed a lot. Now people have the access to the latest technology and various facilities which eased their life and their work. But still there are countless number of people who cannot afford the basic amenities of life which includes food, clothing and shelter. The Asian countries have a big proportion of their population which face these troubles regularly. These people suffer due to various reasons. Some lose their livelihood due to natural calamity which some are the victims of discrimination. In the world, when most of the people are busy with their life, some organizations and people have devoted their lives to improve their conditions. Gospel for Asia is such a name who works for the people of Asia to give them hope, strength and spread the message of love and humanity.


Gospel For Asia is an non governmental organization which works with the purpose to reach all the people of this continent who are facing hardships and agony in their life. They train and teach national missionaries who in turn reach these people with the message of love, peace and humanity. This organization works under the able leadership of KP Yohannan. The message of God will help all the innocent souls to lead a joyful life as they will find a way to get rid of their current problems. This organization which started its service in the year 1978 provides them relief and gives them access to the basic amenities of life including food, clothing and shelter.


This christian missionary is regarded as one of the most influential organizations which works in the whole Asia with prominence in the south Asian nations. The love and messages of Jesus Christ can make a drastic difference in human lives. Sharing the love of ‘Son of God’, Gospel for Asia believes in:


  • All human beings are created equally by the Almighty and any form of discrimination, be it on the basis of religion, color, creed, caste is wrong.
  • The rich people and the rich nations of the west should not exploit the poor and vulnerable. Rather they should be given an equal chance to live a life with the basic and needful facilities.
  • Jesus is the ideal embodiment of love, faith and good conduct. Accordingly all the mankind should serve each other and follow the path of God’s love.
  • Every person in this whole world should be free from religious fanaticism and holds complete freedom to choose any religious faith.
  • No person should indulge in any form of tasks or conduct which can diminish the dignity of other human beings regardless of their background and beliefs.


Gospel For Asia is the organization which works with all these principles. It reaches all the people in distress. Offering care to homeless, shelter to the victims of disaster and education to those innocent children who do not get the opportunity to study in schools. With this comprehensive service, it has made a positive difference in the life of countless people.