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This is an instructions post to tell you how to buy goods from China and how to work with the Chinese factories. This post will probably be useful for those entrepreneurs that are interested in buying from China or are starting to develop a novel business there that demands raw materials and parts. Hopefully, this post will help to answer all your queries immediately.

The Big Player

What do you think that Amazon, Round the Clock Mall, Ebay, Wal-Mart or McMaster Carr, are all big companies? Well, let me tell you that lots of people have started shopping from Taobao store which is indeed the biggest store in the world and seemingly yes, it is even greater than Wal-Mart and it is located in China. What do you think, when all the stock of these companies finishes out, where do they go to? Yes, they all go to Taobao, which obviously means that everything comes from China. Unsurprisingly, we all have been buying from China in a way or two!

Let’s Venture into History

Back in the days, buying products from overseas was very difficult and you had to wait for so many months that it is hard to explain right now, plus you didn’t get much out of your money.

  1. But in modern era, things were changed and international shipping wasn’t considered risky or expensive anymore.
  2. Now you can ask somebody to get you something and they will send it to you according to your address, phone number and name.
  3. Also now, the internet plays a great role in our lives and it has certainly changed the way international shopping or even buying from China has become now.
  4. In the last 5 years, innumerable Chinese companies have become known to the advantages of the internet and have made web pages by hiring people and have added enough English there as well.
  5. By this method buying from China has become a lot easier and the companies are able to serve their potential clients as well.

How to Window Shop in China

  1. The biggest thing that we face while buying from China is what do we need to buy?
  2. How are we going to buy?
  3. And how are we going to search for it?
  4. For that purpose, you must start browsing the website and kind of window shop on it to get familiar with the products labeled there.
  5. Apart from Taobao, the largest sources of shopping from China are Alibaba, Made in China and Global Sources.
  6. You can write anything and some sort of product will come up.
  7. You can write cars, bikes, toys, hair accessories, makeup, different brand names and anything you might feel like buying.
  8. You can even find products with labels like cute, kitty, color, pink and so much more.
  9. The website has its directories, types, kinds and genres and if you feel comfortable, you can start exploring there as well.
  10. Every time you will come upon very interesting merchandises and you should buy products according to the ratings of the buyers.