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Per Wickstrom is the CEO and founder of the Best Drug Rehabilitation located in Manistee, Michigan. When Per Wickstrom was in his youth, he himself was a drug and alcohol abuse individual and therefore once he got recovered from that toxic life, he discovered a passion in him wanting to do the same kind of treatment that he received and open his own drug rehabilitation center. In 2003, it was possible, and Per Wickstrom opened the Best Drug Rehabilitation. Over the years, he has helped over 6000 individuals get their lives back and promote a sober and healthy lifestyle that can be achieved through a holistic and natural method of recovery. When Per Wickstrom was planning on opening his rehab center, he did a lot of research and until this day he continues to research how many individuals admit to abusing drugs and alcohol and found out that many of those individuals get addicted to the drugs that they consumer quite frequently. Per Wickstrom remember a shocking statement he read, and that statement was that 22.5 million people in the U.S. admitted to abusing drugs back in 2011. Once he heard that he started to plan on opening more and more rehab centers in order to get the word out that recovery is possible and individuals need to take that chance if they want a better life or even a chance at life.

How Individuals React to Substance Abuse

Many people assume that a drug addiction is something that is easy to overcome and how do people even end up getting addicted in the first place. Well the answer is simply that drug addiction isn’t something that is easy to overcome because it is in fact a chronic brain disease that occurs over time when you start to use or abuse alcohol or drugs for a long period of time. Some individuals can actually be born with addiction and if they would try it once due to peer pressure, well now their brain will crave surges of dopamine and therefore they will end up craving the drug or alcohol and start to over consume it potentially leading to overdose which can eventually lead to ones death. Drug addiction is a sensitive topic to discuss but once you are recovered, Per Wickstrom finds that most individuals end up sharing their story with others because they feel blessed and feel like they got a second chance at life. That is the best feeling one can feel and especially for Per Wickstrom, being the reason that and individual can live a healthy lifestyle is rewarding to him on so many levels. All of his hard work and dedication paid off in the end.