5 Must-have products for Your One Year Baby

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At once men and women become parents they have many things to do and buy. A baby is growing very fast acquiring new skills. One year old baby needs new products, toys, clothes and accessories. Reading this short article you will know what to prepare for your one year baby.

  1. Stroller. Your toddler will need a new stroller instead of a pram. There are many of them on the baby market. Nice strollers are sold in the online stores too. The process of buying and delivery is very quick. There are jogging strollers, double/triple strollers, lightweight strollers and strollers with a travel system, which include the car seat. As a rule, all strollers are provided with basic accessories like a rain coat, shopping basket, child tray. Consider the stroller with many features, because it will ease travelling with your one year son or daughter.
  2. Car Seat. If you have a car, consider purchasing a good car seat. The most famous and widespread brands of baby car seats in Singapore are the following: Aprica, Joie, Lucky Baby, NUNA, Capella and Peg Perego. The price starts from $150 and can even reach up to $600. The quality car seat is a safety of your baby. It is fast and simple to install the baby car seat. Parents should choose the car seat considering the baby’s age, height and weight. There are rear facing seats, forward facing seats and booster seats.car seat singapre
  3. Swing. This product also should be in the house. The first swing of your baby should be bright and made from non toxic material. It is recommended to buy the swing with adjustable seat belt and wide seat. Parents can find swings for outdoor and indoor activities.
  4. Gym mat. One year babies are very active and they like to play various games with parents. If you purchase a gym mat, your child will safely explore the room. Consider the size and height of the gym mat. Many play mats include other games and toys. Some mats can even entertain kids, emitting sounds of animals.
  5. Walker. A baby walker is another must have product in your house. Surely, parents will always remember the first steps of their baby. When it is time for a child to walk, mummies and daddies should buy a walker. Apart from safety, your child will get additional source of entertainment. Walkers are equipped with musical additions, toys, textures and shapes. All walkers are adaptable for the baby. Parents can adjust height of the walkers. Actually, there are different adjustable functions in modern walkers, which quickly help to learn how to walk.

To sum up, one year babies strive to explore the world and open something new. The main purpose for every parent in this period is to provide the little explorer with basic products. Do not put off purchasing these products, because time goes fast. Your baby will grow quickly, so it is better to buy everything beforehand.