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Having a website is a must for any organization that wants to make an impact today. A website gives you the opportunity to tell people about yourself and what you have to offer. Your website is like a window display. Since many people are using the internet to make first contact with organizations today, a website is a vital part of any organization.

One of the many decisions you’ll have to make as you set up your website is choosing hosting and domain services.

Why making the right choice is important

Choosing the right services could prove to be one of the most important decisions you make regarding your website. If you choose the wrong service, you’re likely to suffer one or all of the following consequences:

  •         Your website suffers security or malware attacks
  •         You may lose out on revenue from potential clients
  •         The services may have a negative impact on the SEO ranking you’ve worked hard to achieve.

How to choose the best hosting and domain services

Now that you know what could go wrong if you choose the wrong services, you may be wondering how you can identify the right services for your organization. There are many services available.

The trick is to know exactly what to look for so that you can narrow your search down and identify high quality service providers. First understand the options that are available. Before you even begin your search for hosting services, it is important to understand that there are different options available. These include Virtual Private Servers (VPS), shared, managed and dedicated hosting. You need to determine which suits you best. This means spending some time learning about the advantages and drawbacks of each type of hosting.

Second is price. This is probably the first thing that most people will consider in their choice of service providers. It is important to have a rough budget in mind. It will make no sense to sign up for a service that you can’t afford, no matter how great it is.

Check pricing and compare different service providers. Don’t look at the total quoted only. Compare the different services that come as part of the package. You may go for a cheaper service that may charge you extra for support, for example.

Third are reviews from customers. This is the best way to gauge the kind of service you’ll be receiving from hosting and domain services. Read reviews on different companies. If you’ve managed to narrow down your search to a handful of companies, you may want to speak to some of their customers. You can ask them for references or simply search on the internet for reviews on independent websites.

Forth is technical support. This is a basic need. You will always need access to technical support from your hosting service. Problems will occur from time to time even with the best hosting service. You don’t want to be registered with a service that is inaccessible to you in your time of need.

Look for a service that offers support 24-7. Test their response before you make a commitment. Contact their customer support staff for a chat.

Fifth is scale-up. You may be a website with little traffic today, but if you’re doing all the right things, traffic to your website is likely to increase as time goes by. You therefore need to ensure that your hosting and domain services provide you with an option to upgrade to accommodate growth in traffic. Keep away from any service that claims to have ‘unlimited resources’.

Considering the above basic factors ought to set you on the right track to identifying the right services for your website. Take your time and do your homework.